Monday, April 30, 2007

My five week check up

Went to my five week check up today at Womans Reproductive Health. I saw Sheri, she is the one who delivered Owen. She described my birth as an exorcism birth..LOL. I was cracking up. I think that was a very appropriate way of describing it. Everything seems to be in working order. She said I could start swimming again. So I cant wait. I am going to start this Saturday.

Wes and I went to look at the daycare today. It does seem really nice..kinda expensive but very nice. I feel really comfortable leaving him there. But they said they may not have any openings in June. The girl who gave us the tour said Owen was so perfect. She said he has the perfect shaped head and features. I was like thank you very much..proud as a peacock..LOL.

Anyways, got a picture with Sheri and Owen. Will post that soon..Sheri said she misses us pregos when we have our babies. I laughed and said I felt the same way about them there at the office. I was really sad about not going back for a while. Now I have another appointment in July and not again until the next July..unless something happens of course. I guess I am pretty sentimental too.

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