Saturday, May 5, 2007

Six Weeks Old and boy were they right about Colic

They say that Colic reaches its peak at six weeks and boy do I ever believe it. All Owen has been doing the last few days is screaming his lungs out, spitting up, belching and farting..its so sad. I myself feel like I want to scream right along with him. WAHHAHHHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAA!!!

I found a little lump in his left boob, sounds strange, but looked it up on aap and they say that it is normal. I am still going to call the doctor on Monday to see if I should bring him in earlier than his next visit or just wait. It sounds like it is not serious and it will just go away on its own..from what I have been reading. But want to on the safe side..the AAP, states that it is very rare to have breast cancer in an that put my mind at ease a little bit.

So OK so far I have a baby who has colic, his belly button is still oozing goo, and has a lump in his left breast area..boy oh boy enough to make me go insane..not to mention I have a cold sore and am freaking out cuz it is contagious and can get in their I am a mess right now needless to say. Wes has been pretty calm through all of this and keeps telling me not to worry every thing is ok..along with all my wonderful friends and family constantly reminding me that at around three months it does get better and it will feel like bliss...

You may be wondering how I even have time to write..We got him to sleep..after about five hours of giving him a warm bath (which he hated more than anything in the world..) and swaddled him and stuck a pacifier in his mouth..(which were going to stop giving him at three months cuz I read it can cause mouth problems)..blah blah blah..but regardless he is sleeping and I myself am exhausted..

Despite all the crying he did manage to give me the most wonderful smile today..and he has the cutest dimples..that made my heart melt..he is a dream boat (when he is not screaming of course..LOL).

Six weeks to go until three months..and were at the peak of colic now so hopefully were only going to go up hill from here..

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