Sunday, March 18, 2007

Two weeks left

Unbelievable!! I can not believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. Don't get me wrong. I am seriously getting ready to meet this little person. I honestly cant wait. It is so fun to feel it kick me or push on me.

Yesterday was fun. Wes and I hung out all day in South Bend. We went to see the movie 300 which is really really good. Then we went to the Chickorey Cafe, a new Cafe downtown..which I like a lot better than the Chocolate Factory. Then we went to a health food store so I could get me some Clary Sage essence oil. The Clary Sage is suppose to help your body get ready for labor. I have been sniffing it like

Not feeling too bad. My back hurts a little and ever so often I will have a leg cramp..not to mention I am consistently hungry. But I did manage to go swimming yesterday for 15 min and I am going to try and do it on Tues and Thursday too and then again next Sat if I have not gone into labor. I know its kinda last min. exercise but it feels really great to me to get in the water. I feel light as a feather.

My last doctor appointment went well. I grew a few inches and gained a pound. So not too bad. I am a little swollen but I think that is a given at this point in the pregnancy.

Today we are going to take the doggie to the groomer. luckily its free this visit cuz we are broke. I am trying to pay off bills so I am making huge contributions towards them. I would like a lot of them to be gone by June!! Big goal. Wes and I are terrible at spending our money on silly things. We both are. Don't get me wrong I save too and make sure I save in a CD or Christmas Club so I cant touch the money..also savings bonds. But when it comes to charging I am terrible. Especially with shopping online. You can get things so cheap. For example: At Babies R Us the breast pump I wanted was 260.00 dollars I got it online for 182.00 no tax and no shipping and handling. How great is that!! It is almost a 100.00 difference and I get it delivered to the door. There are just a few other things I want to get for the baby. One being a Maya looks like it will really come in handy for the next year or so and I can reuse it if we have another child. And I want to subscribe to Mothering magazine. We also need a baby swing but I think I am going to either look online for that or look at Garage Sales or in the paper. I don't think it is terribly crucial at this point to have one.

Well need to get started on the day and get some breakfast. Gotta leave to drop pup off at 8:30 cuz we take her to Petco in Mishawaka...


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