Saturday, March 10, 2007

Three Weeks To GO

I can believe it is sooooo close before I am going to be a mommy--for the rest of my LIFE!! Its so exciting and so nerve wrecking too. Today we are going to go buy the few things we will have to have when baby comes that I did not get at the showers. Its not much let me tell ya. I made out like a bandit with two baby showers. From my work shower I got a stroller, a bunch of kids books, a rocker for the baby, a bunch of clothing, a tummy time mat, a home made quilt (which is so freakin cute, its raggedy Ann and Andy), a lamp and lamp shade that matches the room decor, the mobile that matches the room, and many other things I know I am forgetting. I am a lucky girl. And this baby is a lucky baby to have so many people who care about it already. I am so excited about Julia and Amanda having their babies too!! They will have a baby shower in May for them and how fun to be able to bring along my little one to that shower.

My lower back and hips are KILLING ME!! I have a tingle all over in my arms and legs. It is getting worse as the baby gets bigger. OYE!! The midwife said it happens to some women and it may take a while afterwards to get better. GOOD NEWS!! It will all be worth while though. I am sure when I am holding this little baby the last thing I am going to be worrying about is a tingle in my hand or foot.

My last doctors appointment was on Wend the 7th of March and I had not been back for two weeks. I had gained five pounds and grew two baby is now starting to pack on the weight. That is good news..I want a nice healthy baby when it comes out of there. Now I go to the doctor every week until the little one comes. The Midwife said that baby would be ok if it came at this point but most babies will be over due (when they are the mothers first). I was like I sure hope so, I am still wanting it to be born on Easter this year. I think that would be so cute. My little Easter present.

Wes' mom is excited about it being born in April because that is when her Birthday is too, but she is at the end of the month. Speaking of birthdays today Wes and I are going to Mishawaka to get some things and we are going to pick up burritos for my mom and Scott from a new burrito place there (I always forget the name) but they are so good. I think I will get them both a little gift from Target to. Not sure what yet. Next weekend Sasha goes to the groomer to get a buzz cut so I dont have to worry about her hair being all over when the baby gets home. She will like it too since it is starting to get warm and it will help her get rid of her undercoat.

Well I better go get Wes up and get things going Id like to be home by one or two o clock to call my mom and Scott over and then when they leave I am going to go to the gym to go swimming. I am excited about that. It has been a while since it has been so cold. I need to go a lot this last month to get baby ready to come out. Luckily it is getting warm and our last Bradley class is Tuesday so I should be able to go at least twice a week for the next few weeks, plus walking Sasha again. I will hopefully be able to get baby out no problemo!!

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