Saturday, January 27, 2007

Spa Party Cont..

me and ginger
Well had the party. Like I thought not many people showed up. Well ok only my mom, and Ginger and her girls. Thank God for Ginger and my mom. Ginger has been there for me in so many situations. Half the people who told me they would come did not show..I wonder how they would feel if I did that to them. Honestly, I'm beginning to think that I want to do that to them just so they can see how it feels. Its rude. I go to all the parties that I am invited to, the only ones I really did not make was the ones that were held during my first trimester when I was barfing my guts out with morning sickness or the ones that were held that entailed family gatherings on the same day. Anywho, it was still fun and Ginger and the girls are always welcome. My mom came too and the girls love her. Ginger also brought her sister Marla who I have not seen in years, so that was nice. I somehow managed to get 40 dollars worth of product for free, which ROCKS!!! I love free stuff. Thank you mom and Ginger cuz they both ordered me over 100 dollars worth of product and thats why I got the 40 free. Speaking of party. Tonight is Tara's 30th birthdays party. Were going to go to the Hacienda part of it. I wish I could go out with them afterwards, but they are going to a bar in town that is super duper smoky and being as super duper prego that I am I don't think its a good idea to be around that much smoke. I will soon be able to join the rest of the crew again..that is if I can find a babysitter. WOW what I am going to have to start doing just to get a night out on the town. It will be more than worth it I am sure.

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