Sunday, February 11, 2007

Baby things

Today my mom and I went shopping at Babies R Us for a lamp, but instead we got the baby mattress, a teething toy, cloth diapers, and diaper pins and the little plastic pants that go over the cloth diapers. It was fun. I still want the lamp though, I think I will have to order it. It is only available online which is kinda obnoxious. Maybe I will tell my dad that is what I want and see if he will get it for me...hahahaha!! It may work. I cant believe my baby shower is next weekend. I am looking forward to it. OH!! Bought a belly braise and it is wonderful. It holds the baby up off my bladder. Its not too tight so its not smashing the kid. But it helps support my back too. And it serves as a postpartum belly support. NICE!! I think its a worthy investment. Wes has been hanging out at the house all day in his jammies, he said his goal is not to change. I cant say I blame him. Its cold outside. I stopped and got me, my mom and Wes a hot chocolate from Starbucks..good stuff. Gotta love the Starbucks.

Thanks mom for all the goodies today..

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