Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Be Mine

Today is Valentines Day. Wes got me a rose, a beautiful card and a stuffed Elephant (which is so incredibly cute). He also got my car stuck in the driveway, actually at the end of the driveway and he is spending Valentines Day outside shoveling it out. Once he is done I am wanting to go and get some Chinese food. YUM YUM. Poor Sasha still has not gotten a walk. I seriously cant do it right now. I about fell twice at work today slipping around on the snow. Its too slick and I would hate to fall and not be able to get up..with my big ole belly. Not much else going on. I was so tired today. Wish I could have stayed home and slept the day away. But then I would have missed out on taking all those claims for people at work..darn!!! Well, will write more later.

Happy Valentines Day to all who read this..

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