Friday, February 9, 2007

Dr. Visit

Wes at the birthday cake and me pouting on my grandma's lap.

How cute are these pictures.
Went to the Dr. today and everything is great. She said the heart beat is nice and strong. The baby has been moving around a lot lately. Everything going good. This was my 32 week check up. Going back in two weeks. That means I have about 7 weeks to go at this point!!

This morning I went into the coffee shop Wes and I go into every morning and the girl who owns the business looked at me with such surprise when I walked in the door. The she exclaimed, "I thought you were in labor!". I was like no way..not until April. She was like, your husband was in here this morning and said you were in labor. I was like not he mumbles I can assure you he probably said that I would be in later!!! We started to laugh about it and then she was like, he probably thinks Im nuts cuz I told him good luck.

I called him and he said that he did think it was kinda strange, but didnt think much of it. He told me I was right and he told her I would be in later. I knew it..hahahahaha.. He is my night owl..not a good communicator in the A.M..

Not much else going on. Just sleeping a lot. My family/friend baby shower is next weekend. I am looking forward to it very much. It should be a lot of fun. I hope lots of people make it, so it can be a big party.

Well write more later..

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Tara said...

cute pics on here! I seriously burst out laughing reading about Wes and the lady from the coffee shop! LOL That's great!!