Sunday, May 27, 2007

05/27/2007 Sara Smiths parents house..JIM AND JUDY LONGENECKER

Sara called me about 1 pm telling me she was on her way home to Elkhart. She was going to her parents house for a food and company. She said we were invited. So I told her we would be there about six. Wes me and Owen went to the book store...Borders in Mishawaka. I got myself a yummy drink and a great sandwich..and Wes got a drink. Owen just chilled in his car seat..It was funny we saw Scott and Rick there too..How strange is that. To be at the same place, same time as your little brother and his father.

But we came home gave Owen a bath and went to Sara's parents house. It was so much fun. We got to see her family and Tiffany was there too. It was a blast. Owen did really was during his fussy time too. Jenny, Sara's sister, has a little girl who is seven months old and weighs less than Owen at two months. It cracks me up..he is such a big boy. So cute...

Well posting some pictures..had fun

thanks Jim and Judy...

PS they have a dog that looks just like Sasha..that is cool.

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