Friday, May 25, 2007

Whats going on???

Went to the eye doctor and he said that he thinks it is my hormones and allergies causing my eyes to be strange..he is going to dilate my eyes on June 16th at 10:15 am to make sure all is well inside there. I was reading my old journal and I was having these problems with my eyes last year so I don't think it really is anything new. I think it will go away..I am just really tired and it could possibly be yeast related too. So I am going to take action with my diet and exercise and take good vitamins. So there is one hurdle to get over.

I only have two weeks left of leave before I return to work. I am not looking forward to it. I have started to leave Owen with Tara for short get him use to her. He is so sweet. I miss him for two hours I don't know what I am gonna do with eight hours going by. He is sleeping on my lap right now.

Yesterday was horrid. I woke up with a pinched nerve in my neck so I could not move. Wes had to take the day off work to take care of me. Poor guy. I went to the chiropractor and it helped..went again today. It is helping. I am going again on Tuesday and getting a back massage on that Friday. LOVE IT!!! Need to take care of myself so I can be best for O. But then he got his shots yesterday too. It was so sad to see him crying like that. It freaked him out big time. He was up all night being fussy too. POOR GUY!!!

He is smiling and cooing and talking so much. It is so cute. He will have a little conversation with you. When I picked him up from Tara's he was telling me all about it. IT was adorable.

Going to start journaling in a real journal too. It seems to help my if I could just get some sleep and have my eyes get back to normal...

Owen weighs 15 ibs 3 oz and is 23 1/2 he is in the 75 percentile.

Well will write more later...

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