Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another day....

Another day has gone by. I went and got a massage this morning. I was going to get adjusted too but looked out the window and saw Wes trying to comfort our screaming child..who wanted nobody but mommy at that moment. So I had to force myself to relax for the last 15 min of my massage. Star the massage therapist is great. I can not talk enough about how much she has helped me feel better physically. We then went to the new farmers market in Elkhart but it was just too crowded so we did not stay long. Got some good Olive oil and cheese though. Got Owen a bib that says spoiled rotten..hahah..lots of truth to that. I am still carrying him around everywhere..he loves doing things with me. We take walks. My neighbor is on vacation and she has a little fish pond in her yard with a fountain in it..we go over there and look at that together. He really loves to look at things now. Wes is playing music for him right now. It seriously is so adorable. Owen is really sucking on his fingers and trying to eat everything in sight not to mention the drool...makes me wonder if he is gonna get a tooth. He is so BIG. There was a girl at the farmers market with a five month old that was half Owen's size. Oh and Owen is pulling hair now and SCREAMING its so funny. He will get mad at me and just scream really loud instead of cry now. I am seriously so mesmerized by Owen's cuteness.

As for me I have felt a little anxious the past few days. I did go and talk to a counselor on Thursday and going back on Tuesday. She is really really nice. It is nice to talk to someone who you do not know. Its also good to talk to someone you do know..but someone you do not know has no clue as to who you are and they are sizing you up. She said it sounds like I have me stuff together..we just need to talk a little about anxiety and coping methods. Luckily work has been so great about this and the counseling is free through them. I was telling her about Tara and how sweet Tara has been through this and how much we hang out. She said it is nice to have someone on your side..and it really thanks TARA for being on my side through this and helping me out so much with Owen. I have had an insatiable appetite lately so I think I am gaining weight. I have to start swimming again. It really does help. But every time I leave Owen with Wes he has a fit (Owen has a fit). I think he just wants to eat and wants me. Normally Owen is a dream with Wes. Maybe somehow Owen just knows I am doing something for myself and he doesn't like!!! I started to weed this evening in my little garden out back. It killed my legs..but honestly it made me feel really good, like I was able to accomplish something. It's not fully weeded but a little and its nice.

I think we are going to take a drive when it gets dark to see if there are any fireworks. Maybe drive down by the Elkhart River since we live pretty darn close to it. Well Wes wants me to get off here and what surprise Owen is having a going to take the dog for a walk cuz she is freaking out over the loud fireworks that are going off. She was so scared she jumped in the Will post that picture once I get the baby to stop crying..

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