Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Picture People's photos of Owen..3 Months.

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Heather Everingham said...

Great Pictures! Happy 3 months to Owen. I need to get Max's pictures soon. Its a little less of a priority with 4 childen then it was with 1.
I talked to Nate about you guys coming to church he was excited that he might get to see Wes and Darin. He doesn't play next Sunday and I don't teach so we'd be free to show you around. They have a great nursery for Owen if you are comfortable with it or you can take him into service. They would give him a number and then there is an electric sign that would flash his number if he needs you. There are great classes for Darin and Tara's kids too. Just let me know feel free to call anytime. I don't want to leave my number on here, but we are are in the book! We'd love to see you at church so let us know if you are coming.