Thursday, June 28, 2007

You are my "Son" Shine

Owen is so cute. Last weekend we were at Tara and Darins house eating and it was getting late and Owen was ready for bed. I began to nurse him and he nursed a little and then looked up at me and started to bat his eyelids along with cooing so sweet and softly at me. It was true love in his eyes. He was also rubbing my hand really gentle with his little hand. This went on for about 15 min until he fell asleep. It was too cute. Its great knowing you are the first women that your son will ever love. It will be hard to one day accept that he loves another woman as much as me but it will also be wonderful to have someone new be part of the family. I look forward to seeing Owen grow and fall in love one day. I already love my to be daughter in law and it will more than likely be years and years before I get to meet her. But she is already in my thoughts and prayers.

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