Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Max and Owen sooo cute

Here is Max and Owen loving on one another. It is sooo cute. I love these pictures. You can view more on my Flickr but you will have to become my friend first.

Not a whole lot been happening since last time I blogged. Owen is going to be 6 months this Saturday. How fun! Half a year old already. It is going by too fast. I feel like I was just preggers and now my babe is half a year old. WHAT!! Before I know it he will be 18 leaving me..and heading for college. BOOHOO..Ok I am not really crying over that YET!! lol.

I have had a pretty crazy week. I broke my retainer so I had to go to the dentist to get an impression made of my teeth on Tuesday and they are ordering me a new one. Then today I had one of my sinus headaches all day and it was miserable to be at work. I had a development day and seriously got nothing done. Today Wes and I met with a window guy and were going to get Owen's room and my office rooms windows replaced, 36 months same as cash..sweeet!! And then once we pay that off were going to do two more rooms and so on so forth until all the windows are replaced. We of course picked the nicest ones so they are pretty pricey but very easy to pay off in 36 months and they will be so nice and look so good. We went with white cuz it matches everything and were not sure what were gonna do with the front of the house yet. We figure we can paint if we have to. Not to mention I am starting to buy Christmas gifts so that way it will not sneak up on me. OYE! I want to use the money we have in our Christmas Club to open another savings CD. It would be nice to do that every year and before we know it we will have a lot of money saved. Just think if we could save just 1000.00 year and open up a CD with it and do not touch that CD by the time I am 65 years old I will have 35000.00 dollars saved in JUST what we invested not including the interest. COOL HUH!! Well I have a few things to get caught up on bill wise and then I am going to start putting lots of cash on my car payment and the basement payment. Then I am going to start to save because I want to put Owen through some good schools and I know were gonna need some money to do that. OK well blah about finances. Owen is doing great, Wes and I are doing great. I am tired and very thankful tomorrow is my FRIDAY!!!

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