Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Not feeling too hot

Well this weekend went really fast. Saturday Wes and I drove around and delivered a lot of Body Shop and Pampered Chef products. We also went to the mall before that and we ate at Garfield's. After all the running we went to Grandma Hoogenboom's, Ashley was in town. Owen got to meet her..he seemed to really take to her. Grandpa Hoogenboom had him cracking..it was so cute. He has been snotty all weekend. Then Sunday Wes and I just hung out at home and we also did on Monday too. I started to feel sick Sunday night and it just keeps getting worse. I feel horrid this morning. The worse yet. I am sweaty and tired and my bones hurt..sounds strange..but its true. I decided not to go to work. I can not even function right now. I think I am going to take the baby to Tara's for a while and I am going to crash out. Not much else happening. Owen is still snotty and coughing. Wes has it too. No fun when the entire family is sick.

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