Saturday, November 10, 2007

Time to get caught up

Well well. Lets see where do I start?? Owen is saying, "uhhh, ohhhh" it is so cute. He also says mamamamama. dadadadadada. and tititititititit. TITI is funny because it means he wants to nurse. How cute. He is finally starting to get on his hands and knees and rocking a little bit. It is so cute. He also rolls over and sleeps on his side now. He is still getting me up constantly all night long to nurse. He just is not interested in solid food. I try and try but no luck. I think I am seriously going to stop feeding him it for a while and try again. Good thing I am still nursing so he at least gets my nutrition.

We got his flu shot yesterday. I got the non preservative one, which is a great option now days. He has to go back in a month to get a second dose, just because it is his first year getting it ever. He had no reaction to it and he did not even feel it go in his leg. It was a good experience. I also had my play group yesterday. Amanda came for a short while and then Stacy and Kevin came and Lisa, Marc and Lucas came. I really like them!! They are so sweet and it is fun knowing people with a baby the same age as your own. Like Heather and Max too. But Lucas is 16 hours younger than Owen. So even though Lucas was born on a different day he is technically not even a whole day older. Lisa and Marc were in our child birthing class. It is so hard to believe that, it was 7 months ago. I remember last year at this time I started to look into which child birthing class I wanted to look. My little boy is getting so big.

OH funny story. We were at the grocery store the other day and this really loud little boy was yelling at Owen. And Owen thought it was the funniest thing ever. So Owen was squealing and laughing back at the little boy. Both boys had half of the grocery stores attention. It was really cute.

Lately it has been really hard for me to pump at work. So I have been pumping on my way to work or on my way home. Yes as I drive. Now seriously how would I explain that if I got pulled over??? LOL!!!

***Pictures are of Owen and Lucas*******

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