Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Yesterday was good, Wes sent me a singing telegraph at work. It was so cute. I think my face turned as red as a tomato. I got him some chocolate factory. I had to leave work about an hour early. I was miserable. Still feeling pretty rotten. I think I got what Owen has been suffering with over the past week. He had me up last night at midnight choking on his own phlegm. Let me tell its no fun dealing with that when your not sick but throw sore muscles, a cough and weakness on top of getting up and taking care of a sick child, and you seriously want to crawl in a hole for a week.

So I still have not found my wedding rings. Though I am still paranoid that Owen ate them, and I know there is absolutely no logic in that. I do not think a 7 1/2 moth old could choke down two size 9 rings in a minute that I left him alone. I do remember him chewing on a red block too and he was still chewing on it when I went back into the living room to get him. Not to mention Wes was in there laying on the couch, I would hope he would have heard Owen choking down a ring..or two. Yes I am super paranoid. I may have issues with it until I find them, if I ever find them. It really makes me so sad. How could I be so careless???

Owen is still sleeping right now. Since he has been sick he has developed the habit of sleeping right on top of me. Its cute for about half the night and then the other half I get hot and sweaty and yucky feeling. I hope he stops doing that when he gets over this cold. Which I feel like will never end. GOOD thing the hives are gone though. I am so happy about that I could cry.

Got our taxes done and still have not mailed them in. Either I have been sick or Owen has been sick. Also just realized that I have not given Sasha a heart worm pill in four to five months. Called the vet and they said that they will mail us some and to make sure they check her in May when she gets her shots. I just can not remember everything these days.

Well not much else going on at this time.

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