Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My little "Chucky"

So life is not all that simple these days..nope, Owen has become a semi-independent child. He thinks he knows what is best for him, a picky eater, hitter, hair pulling, and when tired a super loud screaming/crying, very serious child.

I have been off work with him the poor kid keeps getting sick. His latest issue was HAND FOOT MOUTH DISEASE. He seems to finally be getting over that but in the mean time his ear infection came back. Getting him to take the antibiotics is a whole new challenge now. I learned to mix them in a little bit of grape juice and he will drink it right down..that seems to make life a lot simpler then trying to gag it down him.

He is back to nursing a lot. We seem to take two steps forward and three steps back. He got sick with the hand foot mouth disease and did not want to eat because of the sores in his throat. So he nursed a lot. Now he does not want to stop nursing. So I suppose we will have to start all over. I will be worry about that though when I return to work next Tuesday. If we could afford it I would love not to ever return to work. Going there is like entering a realm of evilness....I would not mind it so much if people who worked there were a little nicer. I love waiting on the claimants. That part is great..... Not to mention I do not like the drive so normally by the time I get Owen dropped off and I get there I am in a pretty crabby mood. I really want to go down to three days a week. That would be great. I think Wes does not really feel the same way...just like I kinda want another child but not sure what Wes thinks about that either and he will not come out and tell me...makes it hard for me a little bit..oh well I guess he will have to cross that bridge eventually.

Not much else going on. Owen is still obsessed with carrying around the dog collar or leash. He is getting so big and so handsome. I really do love being a mommy.

PS for mothers day I got a beautiful necklace of a mommy and baby with lots of little diamonds in it. It is so pretty.

PSS Last Saturday Wes and I went out to see a movie. We went to see Ironman..which is really good. That was the first movie that we have seen in the theater since the weekend before Owen was born when we went to see 300. Trisha watched him. She rocks..even our dog likes her.

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