Saturday, May 24, 2008

Off Work

I have been off work since Tuesday with Owen and lovin every minute of it. I could totally dig being a stay at home mom if the bills would permit it. Just got our house payment and it went up 100 dollars. What the heck is that all about!!! I am really working on paying off our credit cards so we can pay off other things and I can afford to go down to three days a week. I am hoping come Jan. Maggie will want to trade me. I love being home with my baby.

My back and hips are hurting again..arms and legs tingling and hurting. I think it is from hauling Owen around all week. I am not physically use to carrying around 25 Ibs all day long..oye. Good work out though.

Wes, Owen and I went to the Zoo today. We got the Zoo pass so we can go back any time we want to and as many times. Owen was loving it. He was talking up a storm about the animals and clinging on to us for dear life. It was cute. I think he liked all the animals equally but really talked a lot about the snake that slithered right up to the glass. It was cool.

Just enjoying the next few days off work before I have to reenter the work world...

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