Friday, January 2, 2009

New Windows

Well we are going to be getting new windows on Monday 01/05/2009. I am so excited. We have lead paint in our home around our windows and assumingly on the walls. So were replacing the windows, and eventually the front door. Then were going to paint. I am so excited. Our house is going to look so nice with new windows. No more pull out and crank windows..WOO HOO. Plus we are getting a bay window in our living room.

Owen is talking so good. Its unbelievable. He can say two or three words together at at time. Its so he said come here mommy the other day..WOW..he is not even two yet. He runs jumps plays climbs on the bed..ect..he is such a happy and healthy little guy.

Christmas went well. Had a lot of gifts. But we all three slept the new year big surprise..its been like that the past three years..

Will post pictures when Wes puts them on my computer.

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