Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Well I got no pictures of the boys yesterday but Owen was Ben 10--which he is most of the time these days..will get a snap of that. Silas was the teletubbie so we already saw that. We had so much fun. Ginger, Jeff, Brooklyn and Caleigh came over and we all went around the neighbourhood together. Owen had me laughing so hard I almost wet myself numerous times, since my bladder is smaller than a normal humans and I had to go potty shortly after we left. OK so my bladder is not actually smaller than other humans, but sometimes it feels that way. I am now thinking that the two cups of coffee I drank before we left was a poor judgment call on my part. At one point Owen got scared by a few kids so we told him to turn into an alien and get them. He took it literal and transformed into wild mutt and let me tell you that was a close call to having to walk home wet on my part. Silas enjoyed being backpacked by mom the entire two + hours we were out. My lower back on the other hand is suffering. Both boys are just so cute and so sweet. I love them so very much and am so very thankful I have such silly little boys in my life.

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