Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cant get over it!!

Well I started feeling better with the head cold, but now I have an upset tummy. No FUN!! I was going to go with my friend tonight to a Body Shop (which is a company that sells lotion, and all sorts of other things and I am thinking about selling it after the baby is born) meeting, but may have to decide to go with her to the next one. I will see how I am feeling by noon. I hate it when I get sick to my stomach, I tend to always get a cold sore too..bummer..this time is no different. At least there is some good news. The baby is moving around like crazy lately, or at least I can feel it more. It seems to like to move around at night a lot. Its feels so strange. My feet are starting to swell, had to stop at payless and get me some big slip on shoes. They are not the prettiest shoes but they are so comfy and easy to put on. Not to mention they were only $8.00 dollars. I was going to buy some nice shoes then realized that my feet will probably shrink once the little one comes and then I would be stuck with expensive shoes that are too I will wait. Wes and I went to the mall in Mishawaka yesterday evening..its a zoo there..people will run you over and not even think twice about it. But I bought a maternity swimming suit and two shirts at the MOTHERHOOD store. She was explaining to me that I will need to come back and get the nursing bras about three weeks before the baby comes. When I do I think I am going to open a MC credit card account to get them with along with the breast pump. The card they offer will put 2% of all your purchases for 9 months into a college fund for your baby. Then after 9 months its 1% at most stores and 2% at selected stores. I'm thinking thats a pretty good deal. For dinner we ate at Garfield's there at the mall. They actually offered Boca Burgers as an alternative to any of their regular hamburgers. BOCA is a veggi burger. So that was pretty cool. You also can draw on the table there too, they have a large piece of paper laid down and crayons on the table. Our server was DAN and he was a terrible server..terrible. It took him five minutes to bring us our water..he only had two other tables. AND the table behind us came in about 10 min. after us and they got their drinks and food first..hummmmmmm!!! We of course tipped him, me being a waitress I just cant bear not leaving one, even if the service is bad. We also visited HOT TOPIC..and they have baby clothing. OMG!! I am so excited..I will have a little punk baby. Didn't get anything yet, because most of the stuff there is gender specific. Once we left there and got home I went to Fitness USA and went swimming. They are open until 8pm on Sat. so thats nice. It was kinda late so not many people were in the pool so I could actually swim. My new suit is so cute!! I wish I could find one like that when I am not pregnant. Well not much else going on at this time.

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