Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Feelin Better

I am starting to feel better, at least the cold is working its way out. I tend to be less patient these days. And very tired, its getting harder to sleep. I think its funny when people ask me if I am pregnant..uhhhhh no I'm just really fat right in the belly area. Hahahaha!! OK I know sometimes you really cant tell, but then if you couldn't tell wouldn't you think it more polite to keep your mouth shut. I don't mind when they ask, when is your due date?, thats ok. Just the are you pregnant question is starting to bug me a little bit.

My dog is so happy to see me today. When I was sick she got to spend the entire day with me, now that I have returned to work she is home alone until we get home. When I walk in the door she just runs around in circles shes so happy. I think its pretty adorable. I love her.

I have been having pretty vivid dreams lately. Last night I dreamed that Sasha (our dog) got her butt kicked by another dog. And I punched the people who were suppose to be watching her. OK, I have never punched anyone in my life, so where that came from I do not know!

I waited on a little old lady at work today. She was born in 1913. How amazing is that. She was very sweet and when I told her that I would like to be a lawyer one day, she told me she would pray for me. How sweet is that!!! We all could use a few extra prayers I think.

Wes has been so good to me, he always is but especially since I have been sick. I just want to give my husband some mega brownie points on here. I love you baby doll.

Peace everyone.

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