Monday, January 8, 2007

Getting Better


Well, I am starting to feel much better. Either the cold medication is really working or my cold has run its course and is in the home stretch!! Which ever it is, I'm glad that its on its way to being over. Not that I am super glad to be going back to work, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. And trust me we need the bacon. We like to spend. I'm sure that will come to a fast halt when the baby arrives..we wont be able to afford it any longer.

I feel like my belly is getting larger as I sit here and type. Its pretty exciting to know that I am so close to the finish line. SEE ABOVE ILLUSTRATION. I have to admit this pregnancy has gone by so fast. I've had friends who have been pregnant and they say it felt like forever before the baby came. I feel like it just began and now its almost over!!! I am not getting tired of all the questions about how I feel, I love them. I enjoy every kick that the baby throws at me..they don't even keep me awake. Once the morning sickness ended (sometime back in Sept or Oct) its been smooth sailing for the most part. I have had a few minor irritations and not to mention the joint ligament pain (a super sharp pain in your side that feels like your being stabbed with a knife) and shortness of breath..but its all worth it. One thing I have enjoyed is not having to go to the Chiropractor as much. My bones are popping themselves back into place. Its lovely.

Starting Tuesday January 16, 2007 we start our prenatal classes. We are going to learn the Bradley Method of child birth, which is more inner breathing and peace that will keep me focused during labor. I am not going to get an epidural!! Brave I know, but I have talked to many women who have chosen not to get one and they all seemed to make it through OK.

Not much else is going on, just getting myself ready to reenter the real world again tomorrow. Lovely,


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