Sunday, January 7, 2007

Still Sick

I am still sick today. No fun at all. If I am still feeling like this tomorrow then I am going to call the doctor. Have you ever seen the guy on American Funniest Home Videos who runs the Spaghetti through is nose and nasal cavity to his mouth? OK not sure how he does this without getting sick. I was snorting very little salt water up my nose for some relief, but then I was also gargaling with stronger salt water to help my sore throat. Well the strong stuff went up my nasal cavity and that hurt!!! I'm still tasting salt in the back of my throat. Its probably one of the reasons that I still feel like crap!!! If I decided to have another child at some point I think I am going to try and plan it where I will not be pregnant over the cold/flu season. I feel bad giving the child so much medication. But I know its better to do that then me be super sick. Right now I am making myself some noodle soup..hopefully the comfort of that will make me feel a little better. The weather here is not helping any. It's been super warm out. Too warm for this time of year, in the mid-40's. Then today we had some frost but now its raining. I'm not wishing for snow, but a good strong frost would be great!! I think it would help kill off all the viruses that are going around. Enough of my ranting about being ill..I will get over it..I have to stay positive:)

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