Saturday, January 6, 2007

Ode to better days

OK here I am , five months prego. Almost two months have gone by since this picture was taken. So far I really enjoy being pregnant. When the baby kicks it makes me laugh. There is not a better feeling then life inside you. Its so amazing. It feels like little butterfly's most of the time, then all of a sudden it will kick me super hard. Just letting me know its in there.

I have been feeling miserable since Wednesday. My allergies have kicked in full force causing me to feel stuffy and light headed. Not to mention all the sneezing and the sore nose from blowing it all the time. The only medication that you can take is Sudafed Decongestant and frankly it's not cutting it. A friend told me to mix some salt in luke warm water and snort it up my nose. I thought why not!! Amazingly enough it has been working. But if you try this at home, know it does hurt. It feels like your swimming in the ocean and got a good wave right up in the nose. OK below is a picture of me at 6 months. I will be adding more as I go. Next week will be the mark of 7 months. I don't feel like I have been getting any bigger but my belly button is showing different signs of that. Lets just say that what was once inside is now outside.

Recommended books to read: Jenny McCarthy's book "Belly Laughs" It is so funny and reassuring about all the changes that you are going through. She also addresses the fact that you just may poop on the table during delivery. I have always heard of this but no one has actually owned up to it!! I suppose I wont either if it does happen. How gross!!

OK Ode to better days when I do not have a cold. I will forever appreciate being well from now on. Before I was pregnant it was great to get a day off work and drink some thera-flu and be over it in a few days. Now that I am pregnant and cant take the normal remedies to cure is hanging on a bit longer than I would like.

goodbye for now my good friends

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