Saturday, February 24, 2007

Five weeks to go

Me with my Cake at the Baby Shower.

I cant believe that I only have five weeks left. At least that is if Baby comes on time. My belly is getting huge and I do not have a belly button any longer. I get full really easy now, and I feel kinda sick after I eat. The baby is pushing on all sorts of nerves in there and my legs and arms are tingling and I am having lower abdominal cramps. All which are normal, my midwife says. The heart beat was 145 and luckily I went to this appointment on my Friday off so my blood pressure was 120/75. Now, in two weeks I will go back and made an appointment after work, lets see how high it is then. LOL!! But they have been taking it a little easier on me since I told them about my blood pressure. So maybe it is working. Which is good because I really want to work up until the baby comes. I kinda want it to be over due until Easter. I love Easter and I think that would be a great day for my kid to have a birthday. How fun the parties would be, we could have great big easter egg hunts and cake and presents and all sorts of fun things. I almost bought the baby some little shirts yesterday at Burlington Coat Factory. But decided to wait until after my baby shower at work. I may get that stuff. Burlington Coat Factory rocks and I think that is where I am going to get a lot of stuff for the baby. Its a bit cheaper than Babies R Us. Well my weight gain is out of this world. I have put on a whopping 50 pounds. HOLY COW!! Everyone tells me not to worry it will come off. I hope so. Thank goodness it is going to be born in the spring and I will be able to swim three times a week at Fitness. I think I will put myself on strict healthy diet too. Anyways, only three classes left of the baby class. I did not go to the last two cuz I was sick last week and exhausted. Yes sick again. It never seems to really go away. I have been trying to walk Sasha to get some exercise. She has been pretty happy about that. But it is still pretty cold here. Well, still getting ready for baby. Next week I am getting a half an hour massage..really looking forward to that. Doing some laundry right now and finishing up the baby clothing and blankets that I do have for baby now. WOW its right around the corner and I get to meet this beautiful little person. I can not wait!!!

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