Thursday, May 17, 2007

2 months

Found out the other day that Sheri the midwife that delivered Owen is leaving the Midwives at Memorial and there is a possibility that they may be closing down the Midwives at Memorial. I am so sad. Kristin sent out a letter asking us to email all the important people at Memorial to let them know how important it is for us as patients to have them there. I made sure to do it right away. I also called Amanda and told her since she is going there and has not had her baby yet. It is so sad. Every time I find some place or one I like they leave, doctor wise that is.

My eyes are doing funny things. I think they are really tired and my allergies. I have not napped lately. I think I will try to today. We will see.

I am going to start selling Body Shop products. At least give it a shot to see if I can and want to do it. It could be a lot of fun and a bit of an extra income. I decided that what ever the profits are that I make I will put in Owen's bank account.

I also want to join Holistic Mothers Network. There are meetings in Mishawaka at the Harmony Market. I may have to wait until Owen is a bit older to go. He needs me a lot right now cuz of the eating thing...being breast fed that is. I am going to try and make it tonight but will see if I can. I may just go swimming and get some exercise in. I really dont want to leave Wes with a screaming kid after he gets off work. It could be super stressful for him. Plus we need to start working on the yard sale things.

Grandma Gullen came over yesterday and played with Owen. She is really good at getting him to sleep. She is the calm granny and Grandma Murphy is the excited granny. Its cute.

Well not much else left to talk about. It saddens me that the midwives may be leaving Memorial. I had such a great experience and wish all women could when giving birth. I hope Sheri has fun where she is moving to but she will be missed.


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