Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My sweet boy

Owen was a dream come true yesterday. I had him all day by myself cuz Wes was at work and we played together and he laughed at everything..he is so cute. I cant believe how much fun he is getting. I hope today goes as well. We are going to a wedding on Saturday and Friday to Wes' moms new house to see it and help them move. We are also going to go look at a car on Friday morning and hopefully get it. We need a small SUV type vehicle for the space. That way the entire family can fit in the car.

Owen played really well yesterday on his tummy time mat. He played on his tummy and back. He actually was smiling up at was too adorable.

I wish my eyes and back would get better. I am sure they will. I just need some serious rest...sure I wont get that anytime!!!

I need to stop spending money for a while and get some of our credit cards paid off. It should not take to long to do it but I want them all paid off by that way we can charge them up again..ha ha..not really I have a Christmas Club savings account and we already got Owen a ton of presents for Christmas..he really doesn't need any more from us..

Can not wait to see what new adventures my little guy brings me today....

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