Saturday, June 16, 2007

I never thought it would happen to me

My back and neck are starting to feel somewhat better with the massages. My mood is up and down. I swear I never thought it would happen to me. I just knew that it would could I get postpartum depression? I am pretty happy most of the time and when I am not it normally only last for a few minutes and I get over it. This is going to be a journey..and I am looking for the positive in this. Hopefully it will not take me too long to get back to myself. I did get some sleep last night. Only got up twice. That was nice..I actually dreamed..It was a bad dream but a dream non the less. It is amazing how tight my neck and back muscles are along with my jaw..that is why I get a lump feeling in my throat. Who knew there would be so many physical symptoms to Postpartum.

I may be doing horrid but Owen is doing great. We went to Tara's today to pay her for last weeks babysitting and Maddi came over to Owen and he smiled at her. It was so cute. I have to say that Tara and Darin are our best friends. I feel that we have grown really close to them these past few years. I love them and their three beautiful kids. Thank God for giving us such wonderful people in our lives.

Tomorrow I am going to go to church. I am a little nervous about it. But excited too.

Well gotta change the

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Tara said...

Julie, first off That is the cutest pic of Owen!!! LOVE IT!
I feel the exact same way about you. I feel blessed to have found a friend like you. I can talk to you about absolutely anything and you understand. The funny thing is we've known each other forever, and we were so funny back in the days how we were with eachother, and now I consider you my best friend. Today was so much fun to sit around and chat. We definetly should do that more often. :) LOVE YOU!!!