Friday, October 26, 2007

I am slacking

I am seriously slacking on this thing. My hard drive on my computer took a I am working on a borrowed hard drive so I can not download my photos on it. Soooo...I am patiently awaiting a new hard drive to come in the mail.

Anyway, What has been going on in our lives. Owen is sick and on an antibiotic. He has a sinus infection. Poor little guy. Wes and I have also been snotty and sick. So were not going to visit my grandma once again. I hope she does not think we are blowing her off because I am not. It just seems like every visit we plan something comes up with baby.

Owen is going to stay at Tara's house until he gets into Growing Kids. Where we are currently on the pending list. It looks like it will be a nice place to put him. I am looking forward to it. I think he will have fun. More than likely be exhausted when we get him home. It will give me a place to take him on Fridays if I need a break and want to take a nice hot!!!! What is a nice hot bath????? What is a good book???? What is a life that does not revolve around paying bills, cleaning up after the dog, cleaning the house, doing laundry and caring for the baby????? Not that I am complaining though I do love every minute of it!!!! Especially the caring for baby. Unbelievable that he is 7 months already. Wow!! He is pulling himself up using my shirt. Still no desire to crawl or even attempt to. He really likes to roll. He is so quick to laugh and smile at people. And people just love him and can not keep their hands off him. Today a big biker guy was talking all baby talk to him. It was so cute.

I have been pretty tired lately. It was nice to nap with Owen today. We cuddled up for both the morning and afternoon naps. He is such a little love bug.

Will post more pictures when I get my hard drive.

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