Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Whats New??

Owen kept a beat last week at music class. It was so cute. He hit the drum three times in a row after the music teacher stopped singing. And he did that three times in a row.

He is starting to clap his hands together.
Then last Sat. we went to Yoga class. It was so much fun. We also ran into Lisa and Marcus from our prenatal classes. We went and had a coffee with them. I am going to email her this week to chit chat for a while. Lucas her little one is one day younger than Owen.

Also last Friday we went and got some Indian food and it was SOOOOO good!!

So far my week has been ok. Today it was decided that Owen will not go to Tara's any more. So starting next week we will be taking him to Goshen to Heather and Nates. GO HEATHER for real. She is volunteering to watch Owen and she has Max who was born on the same day as Owen. WOW!!! You go girl!! I asked her over and over and over if she was sure. I think he will have a lot of fun rolling around with Max. We will have double the drive though..boy oh boy..lots of getting use to the car. I will miss my mornings with Owen, since daddy will be the one to drop him off so I can get to work by 7 am. But it should all work out, it always does. It will be short term until we can get him in a daycare. I am kinda hoping to get him into La Petite in South Bend. At least he would be close and I could go and hang out with him. Or Growing Kids here off of Bristol St. would be super nice too. Even if I do get a transfer, which I really hope I will be getting. Perhaps if not then I can trade Maggie at work and go down to three days a week.

I have to admit I have been pretty stressed about Owen going somewhere new. Just trying to find a place..OMG!!! Everywhere I called there are waiting lists. I am not done making calls though. I am bound and determined to find something. (Note I think it will be great for him to be with Heather, but she is clear on the other side of Goshen..once again lots of driving. But I am very thankful that she is going to help me out until I can find something closer..so thanks again Heather..if you read this...LOL). I can tell Owen is feeling my stress too because he kept jerking awake from his sleep when I put him down tonight..and the last time he did that was when I fell and was completely freaked out all day about it. He is a very sensitive boy!!! But that is what makes him so sweet too.

I have a nasty cold sore and can not wait for it to go away. It is a small one right in the crack of my lip..and it hurts like CRAZY. Not to mention I do not like having them because I have to resist giving my baby boy lots of kisses..boo hooo...and I know he needs them..what baby doesn't.

Also found out that Sara Smith is moving back to this area with her new hubby sometime next summer..wooo hooo. I am so excited about that. I seriously thought I was gonna pee my pants..hahahaa. Now she just needs to have some babies..lol..

OK enough I have to get up early and drag myself around, still getting use to being back on early shift.


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