Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sick Boy AGAIN!!

Well we just get Owen started on some solid foods and he gets sick and refuses to do anything but nurse. Poor baby boy. He has got the snot nose and cough back. Stacy says Kevin has it too and so does Maddi. It seems to be circling around again.

Well I am putting in for a hardship move to Elkhart office. I know that they are not going to think my excuses are a hardship (they mostly pertain to Owen) but at least it will be on paper in the HR department that I want to move to the Elkhart office. That way if there is an opening then hopefully they will consider me first. It truly would make my life a whole lot easier. I know it was my choice to move to Elkhart and my choice to have a baby...but it is truly sad that our government does not hold our children high on priority lists. A mother should be close to her child even if she can not be with them all the time. The bottom line is, if I have to choose between Owen and working there I will start looking for another job. One that is closer to home. Or I will see if I can go down to three days a week. It is silly that they would not transfer me though..since there is someone in Elkhart who wants to come here. Babysteps I just need to remember that.

Tara said Owen has said ma ma. I have not heard it but Wes has sorta heard it. How cute. I wish I was the one who got to hear it first...but that is what happens when your at miss things. He is still just rolling over like crazy. He is not ready to crawl yet. One day he will just realize that is what those knees are for and off he will go like a rocket..I can see it now.

Not too much else going on.

More later..I will try to get better at this too!!

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