Wednesday, November 21, 2007

WoW time is going too FAST

I need to put more pictures on my computer. I am just getting acquainted with this computer so not a whole lot on here yet. So my week has not been the most perfect week ever.....One cool thing is that Owen is standing up with the help of hard objects. And he is teething. He has some showing in the top of his mouth. It wont be long before my little man has teeth and is walking. No crawling yet.

Bad news is that Sasha ate some desatine and it cost us 700 dollars, yes I did say 700 dollars to get her better. And I lost my wedding rings. Wonderful huh?? Could the dog have eaten those too?? Or did Owen?? OYE VEY!!! Ok I am sure that neither the dog or Owen ate the rings..I think we would have found them in the poo by has been a few days since I noticed they were gone.

Not much else happening..just time is passing so quickly.


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