Sunday, December 2, 2007

I need to do this Daily

So much has happened the last few weeks. Thanksgiving was fun. We went to Grandma Kelly's and Grandpa Mikes. We flew around a crazy helicopter toy, not sure who liked that was so much fun. Wes and I ate some mashed tattos and some yum yum corn casserole.

I still have not found my wedding rings. But I have found a new pair at Sams Club that I really really like. They defantly have some bling to them. They also cost a small fortune. But I think I am worth it..even though I should have never lost my first pair. Now watch we will buy these and my original pair will show up.. I guess I could get them sized and wear them on the other hand. That could be cool. I am ready to look more girlie and like a super hot momma. LOL!! I better start going to the GYM. That is my new years resolution. Oh and I am over the fact that Owen ate my rings. I think he would have shown signs of eating them by now..since it has been over two weeks. So I know he is all good. As for Sasha I still suspect her.

Work has been flying by lately. I feel like my days are just not long enough. I think it is the time change and that it is dark soon after I get home. But for the most part it is going good. I still have not got my hardship move paperwork turned in. I just do not have the time to work on it. Sadly I really am close to being finnihed. I need to get it in. I would love to be closer to home. I think I could get a lot more done too.

I bought a sewing machine. I want to learn how to sew so bad. I have always enjoyed hand sewing so I know being able to create something would rock. I want to make my own curtains for the living room too. I am so excited. I alreay have a plan and its all drawn out. So hopefully by next summer when the living room will be painted I can get them made. I may need grandma Gardner or Hoogenboom to come over and help me out with the sewing machine. Speaking of Grandma Gardner. She had a beautiful quilt made for me and Wes for our wedding gift. I just got it the other day. It is hand sewn. OMG!!! I love it. I can not wait to lay it out on my bed. I want to wash it first to get it soft but I want to get some natural detergent so it will be gental on it. I do not want it to get ruined. She said to take it easy with the quilt because it is hand sewn and does not have the stregnth that a sewing machine quilt would have. I love the quilts. We have many of them and I could have a 100 more. I just adore them.

Mike F. had his baby. A little girl. She is so adorable.

Now my little Owen: What we all have been waiting for. He is doing so good. He is now starting to eat solid foods. I got him to eat an entire jar of carrots the other day. He is now scooting like crazy..especially if he wants something. He really responds to things. He is wanting to actually sit up from the lay down position. He still spits up a lot:( He is getting teeth like crazy. All of this is happening at once. Its crazy. My little newborn is becoming his own person with such a wonderful personality. Oh and he loves the bath. We bought him a duckie tub that quacks. He claws my face off trying to get in there. Its so funny. He is totally out growing all his clothing and he has moved up into the size 4 diapers. AND he loves to dance..when he hears music. It is so cute.

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