Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Boy what a rough night!

Well for Owens first day he had to leave early to go to the Doctor. He has a cold with a touch of the croup. But not too bad. He is not coughing a lot..more just wheezing but the doctor said he is getting enough air and not straining to breath. The teacher said that he did good for his first day. She was holding him when I came to get him so that put me at ease.

Well last night Owen fell off the bed. It about gave me a heart attack. He did not even cry..just whimpered when I ran over to get him..more confused than anything. Thank God we have carpet. Of course I woke up Wes and got online to Dr. Sears and researched falls. He said they are no big deal unless the child is unconscious (which he was not!!) and that it happens a lot. He also said to keep an eye on them for 24 hours to make sure no bones are dislocated or they do not have a concussion. I think he is fine. I stripped him down and did a twice over..and no broke bones or bruises. He woke up fine this morning (so more than likely no concussion)..but I still feel so bad. It was totally my fault I forgot to put his pillow up by him. At least he is not hurt.

Hopefully today will be a better day.....

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Heather Everingham said...

Ha-ha, I'm not laughing at you I promise, but I remember every time my kids fell off the bed the 1st time and they all have. The emotion does not change regardless of how many kids you have you are always completely freaked out, but when you do have more then one and it happens to the next kid you can look back and remember how panicked you were the first time it happened, and trust me I can almost guarantee it'll happen to Owen again. He's a big boy I'm sure he is fine...he'll have a lot rougher things then that happen to him in the next 18 years! As hard as it is don't blame yourself you would never hurt him intentionally! I think its sweet how you and Wes are such loving and protective parents of your sweet little boy. I hope he feels better Max has been coughin too.