Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Big Boy

Well here we go...Owen is starting his first day of daycare (or school as they call it) at Growing Kids tomorrow. I got the phone call on Monday that they had an opening and they called us. She said she called me even though I was #44 on the list because I would call and ask where I was on the list. I have a whole lot of mixed feelings about it. Its nice because it is closer (timed it today..took me five minutes to get there), and he will be with kids his own age..but him being there brings up a whole new set of anxieties for me. Like, what if he falls and hurts himself. Or how long will they let him cry in his crib before they get him, will he be scared, what if he gets sick all the time, what if they are mean to him, what if and what if and what if the list could go on forever. I met the two teachers and you can tell they both love babies a lot so I should not be too worried. But it will take a while for me to get use to..probably longer for me than Owen. I will also miss the 100% trust that I had in Tara and our morning talks. Now going to work in the morning will be all business...drop off the kid..go to work..pick up the kid..ect...He has a long week this week too..I am going to work on Friday. Might as well make some extra money. I will leave when my tour is over during the week so he will not have to stay there longer than he has to. This week at least. Once he is use to it I will start working over for credit.

Well he was so cute tonight. He did not want to go to sleep and we let him fight it for an hour or so. So finally I had Wes take the Glider to our bedroom and it was about 10 min later he was out in my arms. It was so sweet. I just rocked him for a while..loving on him. He smells so good and he is so lovable. Which he loves to hug now and it is so sweet. Plus he is crawling on his hands and knees like crazy now. We also started music class for him again this past Saturday. He was indifferent this class..but I think it is because we woke him up to go. Wes came with us. I think it was a great family thing to do.

I am starting weight watchers..woo hoo. I need it. I am doing the at home program so once I am off here I am going to read it so I know what to do. I have a general idea because I was on it before. I hope it works. I need to start swimming too. It will only work if I also exercise. I plan on it soon. I might as well I am paying for it. Well not much else at this time...

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