Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sweet Dreams

My little man is currently in bed sleeping with daddy. It is too cute!!! I can not believe that he is going to be one years old in just a few months. He is such a doll face. When he smiles and laughs it just melts my heart. Even when he whines and sticks out both his upper and lower lips..its just too cute. He is very strong willed these days. I will tell him NO and you would think it was the end of the world. He cries and throws a tantrum. Its too much!!

Wes broke out the Medicine Ball yesterday, which is a 10 Ib ball that you throw around for exercise. Owen is terrified of it. He crawls to me as fast as he can and cries. We of course put it away but it is so funny that he is scared of a ball. Then yesterday Wes crashed the little flying helicopter on Owens face. That made him mad. But he is not scared of that..

Yesterday we went to see Mike and Myriah's little girl Margaux (I think this how it is spelled) Olivia. She is so cute. She has a perfectly round face and dark hair. So little compared to Owen. It was fun holding a little bitty baby again. She made all those cute little baby faces and sounds. So sweet.

Hard to believe that I am currently shopping for Owen's first birthday party. I know I have a few months to go but I do not want to get stuck getting everything all at once so I am starting early. I already got him three gifts. I am also going to get him a doll. Its a Waldorf doll and so cute and cuddly. I think dolls are good for little boys. Teaches them how to be gentle and caring. But once I get it I think I am going to have my grandma Sew his name on it..just to add a special touch. Then we bought him a gift a long time ago for cheap on Amazone. So far he has five things from us. I think that is where I am going to stop with the I have to focus on the cake, invitations and decorations. I think I am going to have a precious moments theme. I think they are really cute!!!

Well I am going back to work after being off for a week. It is pretty stressful for me. I LOVED being home with Owen. I am going to miss him greatly. I need to get on it and let them know I want to move to the Elkhart office again. They will hopefully give in one day. I dont know if I can handle feeling this stressed every time I have to return to work after a vacation.

OH and lastly Sasha. Poor girl was chased through our yard by two big dogs the other day. This time she was smart enough to run as fast as she could and boy did she ever. Its funny now that she did not get hurt but I was pretty panicked when I saw her running. I was yelling out "RUN SASHA RUN!!!" and she listened. I grabbed her up and shooed off the other dogs..luckily they ran away when they saw me and did not come after me..since at that point I had Sasha in my arms. That poor dog has had no luck lately.

Not much else happening...

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Heather Everingham said...

I'd be glad to make you or help you make some invitations for Owen's party. I got some great new stamps for Christmas... I don't have anything precious moments, but I could do the same colors or something like that to keep the theme for you. Just let me know. I love making invitations!