Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Bye Bye

Not too many crazy things have happened lately. It has seemed to be pretty calm around here. Owen has been waving bye bye to himself..which is pretty darn cute. He also gets so naughty now when he is tired. It is so funny but not all at the same time. His new thing lately is that he has to sleep right on top of me. Luckily once I get him to sleep he will let me move him off me...

It is snowing here like crazy. Its so pretty and I am sure we have gotten over a foot of snow. Funny because for Christmas there was none..and now for New Years we have a ton. Speaking of New Years..WOW!!! Another year is upon us. Hard to believe that I started this blog a year ago..Even harder to believe that Owen is going to be ONE this year. My life is flying by. I swear it was just July a few weeks ago??????

OK the typing skills are pretty low right now. I am so tired..Its midnight and I have already been in bed for a little while..just had to get up to fill the humidifier with thought since I had a free moment I would blog for a second. But honestly I can not hardly think right back to bed I go...


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