Sunday, December 23, 2007

Its a wonderful life...

Well everything is going good since I last wrote. Owen is just getting so big. We had his nine month check up on Sat. the 22nd of December. All is well with him. He is a big boy...23 pounds which puts him at the 90th percentile. I gave him some sliced peaches the other day and he did ok eating them. He is a bit finicky with new foods. It may take him a bit to want to try something new..especially since he just got the taste for the mushed up stuff. He is also cruising the couch and pulling himself up on it, all by himself. I swear he says mom or mama at times. Still just a bunch of babbling. HE IS SO CUTE when he smiles. Lots of whining these days. I think he has more teeth coming in. So far there are 4 on top and 2 on bottom. Visible that is. He is going through the stranger anxiety thing. He wants nothing to do with people he does not know. Especially when he is tired!! He has a mind of his own that is for sure. He thinks it soooo funny when you tell him "no" and when you pull his hand off things. I was telling the doctor and she said I should read books on The Strong Willed Child. Luckily my mom already got me one. The doctor also said children who are strong willed are normally very bright. Like the sound of that. I was reading in a book I have that talks about the day you were born, and it says he is destined to be a lawyer.....I can fly with that career for him. LOL!!! I guess were a ways from that day..but I really will support him in any decision he makes. Owen had his first Christmas party at his Grandpa Hoogenbooms. He had fun opening his gifts. He got an outfit from Grandma and Grandpa Hoogenboom and a duckie toy from his Great Grandma and Grand pa Hoogenboom. His Grandma Gardner sent him 50 bucks..which we put into his savings account. The boy is gonna have money for college one day..I will be sure of that. My friend Stacy got him a super cute toy that is a giraffe that has openings in its head, legs and arms and you take little balls that came with it and drop it down its head or arms and the balls come out of his feet. It makes sounds once you drop the ball. Owen is really good at putting the balls in the holes. It is so cute. So far that is what he has gotten for Christmas. Were going to Grandma Murphy's today (Dec. 24) and my mom is also coming over. It should be fun.

So far so good for Wes and me too. Wes is doing great at work. Work is going pretty good for me too. They are talking about giving South Bend the locality pay of Chicago. That would ROCK!!! Especially since I am part time. I seem to be doing pretty good on keeping my work load down. I am excited about that. I just wish my drive was not as long. I would much rather be home with Owen. But if we get the locality pay increase then I do not mind at all driving there cuz it will be a nice increase. Plus I think Bush is going to give us a 3.5% increase this year. A lot better than his 1.2% increase last year...He also gave us December 24th off work which is pretty cool of him. I do not think that has ever happened since I have worked there. You have to at least work half a day. So that is cool..

I am seriously gaining weight big time. I need to go on a diet. Wes and I are going to take turns getting out by ourselves and I think I am going to use my time to go work out at the GYM. Yep I really really need to do just do it. And stop eating so many sweets all at once.

Well better get back to bed or I am not going to function properly in the AM when Owen gets me up.

Merry Christmas...

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