Monday, February 4, 2008

My Papaw died today

My grandfather and Owens great grand father passed away today. It is so sad, he never got to physically meet Owen. I feel so bad, mostly it is my fault. I was always too busy or Owen was sick or something was going on and I put of a trip too many times. I feel like such a big jerk!!!! There will be no funeral so no last good bye. I got to talk to him on Saturday..good thing. Since I can not say good bye to him physically I am going to write a letter to him and hope that his spirit will hear my words:

Dear Grandpa,

I first off want to apologize for making excuses for not coming to visit this past summer. I should have just got over my issues and come down to visit you. Please forgive me. I had wished that you would have gotten to meet Owen. Since you shared a name I thought it would be a cool thing to get your picture taken together, you would love him!!!!. By the way, when we picked out the name Owen we had no idea it was your middle name, and once I told my mom that was the name I was considering she told me it was your middle name, that really stuck in my mind when we named Owen. I am so honored that the two of you share a name and I know he will be a wonderful man, just like you were, he will make you proud. Every summer when I see the flowers bloom, I will think of you. When I see a forest or a crossword puzzle I will be glad , in that moment, that you were my grandfather. When I smell cut wood, I will cherish all those memories of you doing construction in our house. You will not be forgotten and I will make sure Owen knows you and loves you as much as I do. I have and will continue to shed many tears for our loss of your being, but I will know deep in my heart that we will meet again in heaven. In the mean time, hope your having fun with lamb chop, and I will see you when I get there.

Love you always,

Your grand daughter Julie


Tara said...
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Tara said...

I am so sorry for your loss!!! If you need anything or a listening ear I am always here for you! Love you!!