Sunday, February 3, 2008

Owen is too funny..

Friday (02/01/08) I went to pick up Owen from daycare. He was so excited to see me, of course. I actually got there before Trisha left for the day. As I was getting his bedding off and putting the clean bedding on he was playing in another baby's drawer right beside me and Trisha was getting ready to leave. Trisha got to the door and looked down at Owen and he looked up at her. They just looked at each other for a few seconds and then Owen smiled really big at her and pointed up at me. Everyone was like that is soooo cute, he gave Trisha the ok to leave because mommy was there to pick him up. OMG it was so cute. Then when I got him home I was playing with him and I stood him up and he stood there for a few seconds. So I got the bright idea of putting him on a baby walker toy and sure enough he took off on it, walking like a champ. He was so proud of himself, his eyes just glistened.

Saturday we went to music class and Owen was being very very vocal, and banging on the instruments and keeping a beat with the shakers. I could tell that Paulina was proud of him. She gave us an African music CD to borrow so Owen can listen to something with a lot of beat.

Today were going to go get our taxes done. I am so excited. I am just curious to see how much we will get back this year claiming marriage and Owen. Well not much else happening. Just can not believe that were getting our taxes done time does fly.

Oh yeah, next weekend were going to visit my grandma and pa in Southern Indiana. Were gonna leave late on Friday and back home late on Saturday in hopes that baby will sleep all the way home. Or at least most of the way. But my grandpa fell and broke his hip a few weeks ago and he is not doing too good. He is refusing to eat or drink fluids. So the doctors are thinking he may not make it much longer. I want him to at least meet Owen before he passes. He is my grandpa Carl Owen.. so I think it would be cool for Owen to get a picture of his great grandfather, especially since they share a name.

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