Friday, February 1, 2008

What is all this snow about?

Seriously, what is all this snow about. I was going to go to work today but half way there decided no way and turned around. Luckily for me I have Fridays off so going in is by choice. So instead I left Owen at daycare and came home to clean the house. I managed to shovel half of the driveway, clean both bathrooms, our bedroom, and vacuum the entire house, along with straightening up the living room and I am sore and tired. I have decided that I can not go on. LOL!!! I will have to do the two other rooms, laundry, clean the humidifier and toys along with the kitchen tomorrow and Sunday. Then the next Friday I take off I am going to search high and low for those darn wedding rings. I am positive they are in this house somewhere. It is just a matter of where my mommy brain put them!!! But I do think I am going to work the next two Fridays. I really wanted to this Friday. I want the money to pay off some debt. Not to mention child care is going to cost us almost $10,000 dollars a year. But he is really starting to like it there. He plays with the little kidos. They are all so freakin cute. He really loves Ms. Trisha. She is a pretty girl. I have a picture of her and him and will post it soon. He is also starting to warm up to Ms. Diane. He likes doing the projects and love the watch bubbles. I really feel now that I am not missing out on his life but enriching it. Kudos to stay at home moms, that is a wonderful thing to do! But I really feel like I have gained so much by taking him to daycare. Just in three short weeks I have seen many many finger paintings, and paint brush paintings he has done. I watch him interact with the other babies and he is so sweet and gentle with them, he has friends. I have gained two important relationships with two wonderful women, Trisha and Diane and gained friends in the process. And I still get to see the cool things that he does developmentally. Such as: he likes to put things in baskets and dump them out, he also took a step from a toy over to me the other day all by himself. I also LOVE how happy he is to see me at the end of the day. And I love that I can give him my love 100% and all those other things that I did not get to have when I was little.

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