Saturday, February 9, 2008


It is as if Owens little body knows we are suppose to take a long trip and he does an instant reject by getting sick..OK so I doubt that is truly the case and it is a bit ironic that EVERY time we plan a trip down to visit my grandmother he gets sick. This has happened consistently since last summer when we first originally planned on going to visit. I know my grandma tried to get us down there and I tried to go, shoot this time we were packed and ready. The poor little guy broke out in hives all over his body. They are huge red welts covering his belly, face, legs, but and on his hands and feet. Poor little guy. It started out as a few bumps and I thought they were bug bites and four hours later he was covered. I feel so bad for him and helpless because there is not much you can do but wait for them to go away. It said they can last up to a week. He must also have a cold because he is running a pretty consistent fever at 101-102 degrees. He is actually not being too fussy a little more today then yesterday. Trying to get him to take his medication is a royal pain in the butt. He refuses it and I have to trick him into opening his mouth and squirt it down. He is taking benedryl to help with the itch from the hives and motrin for the fever. Poor little guy is not going to sleep very well and he is jerking in his sleep. I hope he is better by Monday but if not then I will stay home with him. He sure is starting to catch all sorts of things since he has been to daycare. Poor baby.

The picture above is when they first started. Its much worse now.

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