Friday, February 8, 2008

Today is the day

We are going to head down to Southern Indiana today, leaving around 10 or so. Not looking forward to the drive but excited about seeing my grandma. Wish grandpa was there too..

I have a headache from H E double hockey sticks. Yes it sucks. Every time the weather changes I get a freakin headache. Not to mention I feel dehydrated. The cause of the headache could be weather and thirst. Owen is still nursing but more and I just get and remain so thirsty. I am going to go get a massage before the trip, hopefully that will relax me and help me out a little bit.

Not a whole lot going on besides the trip. Owen is still walking with a walker toy. He did finally say da da. COOL.

Well will write more later,

OH YEAH were gonna stop in Indy and have dinner with Sara on our trip home. That should be fun.

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