Friday, June 13, 2008

Shots stink

Well this morning Owen gets another shot..until next month. I am having the doctor space them out. I don't like getting them all at once, it just seems like too much. I am glad I did that too because last month he got the Hand, Foot Mouth Disease a day after he got his MMR imagine how crappy he would have felt if he would have had all that in him and the Virus too..

Today is Fathers Day at daycare so Wes and I are going to go meet Owen at daycare at 3 pm. I am going to take pictures while daddy plays with Owen. They must really be practicing saying "daddy" at daycare because Owen said it yesterday..plain as day. He also can say "bath" and "duck" its so cute.

Were going to go the Elkhart Festival this weekend and also to the Art and Music festival in South Bend. Owen will love the music..anytime he hears music he get really excited and starts to dance.

My mom has been coming over a lot and spending a lot of time with Owen, and now when she leaves he starts to fuss about it. He knows that she will take him outside. So as soon as she gets here he runs over to her and starts pointing outside. It is so funny. She tells me he has me where he wants me, but I think he also has her where he wants

I received flowers the other day from a claimants sister. The man I took the disability claim from passed away two days after he filed and his sister was not going to pursue the claim. I advised her that we should and then we reopened a prior filing that he had, the bottom line we ended up getting the family a large back payment. So she sent me flowers. I thought that was very kind of her, how often do people show you appreciation for what you do. VERY COOL!! I will take a picture of them and post them soon..they are beautiful.

Not much else left to say. Will post some cool pictures soon. Waiting for Wes to get them off the camera first.

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