Thursday, June 26, 2008

Loves, hugs and kisses

So time just keeps ticking by and I just keep procrastinating, I am not sure why it is so hard for me to blog these days. I love it, its easy, its fun and helps me keep track of my life..along with all you faithful readers..I swear I will try to do better. I also want to start posting things in this blog..things about being a mommy, articles so on and so forth..just mommy stuff. I hope to start that soon. Until then lets go over what has been happening at the HOOGENBOOMS house.
First off Owen is getting so a matter of fact, he weighs in now at 27 Ibs and 2 oz..holy cow batman!!! He is so funny, for example: he likes to walk up to people and point at them and then do a beauty queen wave. He also has started hugging and holding hands with the ladies at daycare, and one particular (she is posted below in a picture) Bekkha..a cute little blond. We learned that Owen loves to dance to jazz at the Elkhart Jazz Festival and enjoys custard ice cream (and who wouldnt). He is also starting to think about other peoples well being. Wes was playing with Sasha and was acting like she was attacking him (Wes) and Owen got really upset thinking it was real. Then I took him to the Chiropractor with me and when the Dr. was standing over me Owen started to cry and say was cute and sad in a way. He still is biting me..and getting bit at daycare. He had to go to the doctor on Wend. because he was having horrid drainage and he is back on an antibiotic--which always makes him sick to his belly..he just puked it up today...but anyway if he gets one more ear infection they are talking about putting tubes in his ears..I hear it really does help a lot. There for about week he was ALL about daycare and his teacher and my mom..but he is back to being a mommys boy..probably because he is not feeling well..oh and he is getting a tooth..a molar in the very back. Oh, and after bath lately we have been letting him run to his room naked and then dress him in there..and he has been stopping off at his music dance toy and doing a little jigg for us, which is hilarious because his little chubby butt cheeks jiggle..ha!! That seriously cracks me up.

Whats new with Wes: he is taking classes at Signal learning..which is cool. He has gone from being the teacher to the student. He is still jamming with Darin. They actually recorded some of their music at one of Darin's friends house. It sounded pretty good!

As for me: I think I am enjoying work a little bit more. I am still tense..and go get a massage weekly but that is coming to an end because Wes and I are going on a budget so we can pay off our bills. We spent our last big splurge on a Vacuum. Which so far so good. Its a Lindhaus and I really like it..kinda expensive--ok really expensive--but I am hoping that it will last us for a very long time and I will not have to worry about spending money over and over and over again every time one of our cheapo's break. Really appliances are very important to me..and I would say wether it be a man or woman who does the household understand how important a good vacuum is!! Especially when you have kids and dog.

Wes lost my old cell phone so I have not been able to call a majority of my friends because ALL of my phone numbers were on that I suppose I could send an email to let everyone know that I really am not a snob.

My kid brother and mom have been coming over lately hanging out. It has been nice to spend time with them. I know its great for Owen. He needs to get to know Scott. He has that stranger danger attitude now so I want him to get use to his family. Scott may move in with us if he ever finds himself a job. That would be cool. It would be like a live in computer/video game buddy for Wes. LOL.

Not much else..that I can think of. Wes still has not sent me my pictures so nothing to share with you there..hopefully soon.


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