Sunday, June 29, 2008

Please dont play with terds

This weekend has been fun thus far. Friday Wes got off work early so the three of us hung out all afternoon. It was great. Then my mom and Scott came over and Owen went to bed early so my mom and I watched a movie.

Then Saturday we got up and went to the zoo. After the zoo we went to Tara and Darin's. Tara, the kids and I went to some yard sales and then back to there house. Me, Tara, Darin and Wes were all playing a corn hole game when I looked over at Owen and saw that he had an Ellie Terd in each hand (Ellie is the dog) with a shit eatin grin on his face. I got him and grabbed him by the arms..freaking out..and shook the terds out of his hands. Then I got him in the house and washed his hands for like five minutes with lots of anti bacterial dish was pretty gross.

That was just about all the excitment for the weekend but trust me it was enough to last until next

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Tara said...

LMAO!!! Oh my, too funny!