Sunday, July 13, 2008

Is it really already the middle of July???

Owen in his toy box--2008

Wow I seriously can not BELIEVE that it is already the middle of July and summer and the year are more than half way over. It seems like time is passing us by so quickly. I need to get Owen to stop snotting and get healthy so we can go see my grandmother in Southern Indiana and my dad in Kentucky. I would love to make it to the KY horse park this summer. Owen loves horses, along with trains and Teddy Bears now. He also still loves being out doors. The poor little guy is so congested right now that he keeps gagging on his snot. We have been doing everything from changing his diet to steam rooms. I think he may be allergic to something out doors, or possibly Sasha. It could possibly be the carpet too?? We will see, were going to make a dr visit once again on Monday.

Today we went to see the horses at the fair grounds. It was so much fun. We got to pet one named Dolly. Owen was a little freaked was really adorable. We walked around a lot. Played on the stages. The weather has been PERFECT today. We actually have all the windows opened at home.

Friday night (07/11/2008) Wes stayed up all night waiting for the AT&T doors to open. Owen and I bailed but came back in the morning. Wes got the new I Phone. Its pretty cool. Friday during the day we went down town Goshen to see what was going on. It was sidewalk days, but nothing was really set up. Saturday we ran around Mishawaka a lot. Last Friday we all went to the FT. Wayne zoo. Which is super cool. I will put some pictures on once Wes puts them on my computer for me..the story of my life these days. I seriously need a new computer where I can control my own pictures. Half the time I cant find where he puts them and I get sorta pissy about

Owen is just getting so big. Picked him up from daycare the other day and he gave me a great big hug and kiss. He points at things he wants and does the sign language for more and says more. He is asking "Whats that?" a lot. He knows where his head, belly button, belly, eyes, nose, and ears are when asked to point to them he does it. I just love how he stares at me with those big blue eyes.

He is cutting three new teeth all at once. That is how he got his first six. My little boy is just getting so big. Its amazing how fast it all is happening. He is so much fun too. I love being a mommy.

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