Monday, July 28, 2008

Time flies when your having fun.

Had to take the Owen to the doctor today because yesterday he developed a limp. The doctor just sent us home with the brief explanation that this can happen if they get a virus..hummm, it always seems to be just a virus. I think I would have felt more comfortable if they would have taken an x ray of his case it is not a virus but a fracture, or displacement of the hip maybe??? So I suppose I will have to take him back on Friday if he is still moving around like Gothem from Lord of The Rings (not sure I spelled that correctly). My poor baby, by the Grace of God, I do hope and pray that he will get over these nasty virus'. ANYWHO..on the brighter note my manager at work made me feel like a big fat looser today..OH THATS NOT BRIGHT MY BAD!!!

Seriously, lets stay positive here. Starting a diet..hard to believe that I am an overweight vegitarian. Yes they do Tonight had a salad and for lunch had a veggie sub..the good lunch and dinner makes up for the chips I had for be a working mom. Life is a blurrrrrrrrrrr and yes I do want another child one day..I suppose I am up for the challange. I dont want Owen to feel like he is the only virus infested munchkin in the household..HA.

OK enough about bugs and viruses and such. Owen is otherwise doing great..a typical, "I want to do everything my way" 16 month old..that throws a constant fit when things dont go how he believes they should. It's cute..yes I am being serious. This too shall pass and I am sure something else will come I will take the subborn, red-faced, hang wringing monster thank you very much..

Well gotta get the teeth cleaned and off to I can give the kid the tit and I can read in silence by the light of a flashlight...

Yes Life Is Good

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Dr. Evie Proust said...

Personally, I think you should take him to the chiropractor. You know that the nervous system controls the entire body (including the immune system) so why not help out the nervous system by having him adjusted? :)